Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Etched Mirror Ornaments

Happy Holidays!

I love the holidays and love to decorate in new ways each year.  This month, I'm creating a mirrored ornament with etchall® etching crème and a new product - etchall® stencil spray.

Before I received the etchall® stencil spray, I would have to use an adhesive-backed stencil.  Now, I can use any stencil.  I found some small square and round mirrors at my local JoAnn's craft store.  They come in a wide variety of sizes and are lightweight enough to make into a ornament.

To start, I followed the directions on the back of the stencil spray and sprayed the back of the stencil.  I let it dry and applied it to a square mirror.  I smoothed the stencil down and masked any exposed mirror with masking tape. 
Then, I applied etchall® etching crème with a plastic knife. 
I waited 15 minutes and scraped the crème back into the bottle. (It's re-usable!)  Then, I washed the mirror and patted it dry with paper towels.

Here are my ornaments.  I have added some adhesive jewel strips and a loop of thread.  I also glued  cardstock over the loop to cover the back.
Etched Santa Ornament
Etched Snowman Ornament
Here they are again with the etchall® etching crème and stencil spray that I used in this project.  (I am on the etchall® design team and received these products to use in creating these projects.  And, by the way, I highly recommend them!)

I hope you'll give these quick ornaments a try.  Get the whole family involved!  Have a neighborhood crafting party!  You can find all sorts of small mirrors at your local craft store and the etchall® products on the etchall® website.  Be sure to check out the specials and etchall® is now available on Amazon!

Wishing you very happy holidays and a Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 4, 2017

Word Christmas Tree

Hi Crafty Folk!

I hope you are all enjoying the Advent of Christmas.  Here's a craft I created for JOY Iron-on letters that I want to share with you.

Word Christmas Tree
You can find the easy instructions on the Creating with Joy blog.  This word tree is so much easier and quicker than painting the words!  And, you can use any fonts you like.  Or, change the words to use your favorites.

Have fun decorating!  And, come back soon!  I have a few more Christmas crafts up my crafty sleeves!

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Pretty Palettes November


The Pretty Palettes inspiration on the Halcraft blog this month is a wonderful palette with blues and greens (my faves) with a touch of gold.  The inspiration is a beautiful piece of marbled paper.

Here's the palette generated from the paper:

I headed to our local Michaels, where all the strung beads were 40% off!  Woohoo!  Plus, I had a coupon!

Here's what I came home with~

I was going with more of the beads that Molly chose, but then I saw the turquoise dyed imperial jasper and it looked to me just like the swirly designs on the paper.  Plus, it was turquoise, and it looked like the ocean.  Can't beat that!

After I got home, I noticed some of my selections at Michaels were Bead Landing beads and not Bead Gallery.   And, somehow I missed that white was one of the colors!  Entranced by pretty, shiny things, no doubt!

Here's the necklace and earrings that I created:
Imperial Jasper Necklace and Earrings

I love how this worked up with the slabs and rounds of imperial jasper with the gold bicones.  And, I have extra beads that are calling me!  I was really inspired by the marbled paper, too, and can't wait to try that.  So many ideas, so little time!  Thanks for the inspiration, Molly!

Friday, November 10, 2017

"Gather" Slate Sign

Hi folks!

I look forward to this time of year - the colors of the leaves, warm sweaters, family gathering together to share meals and memories.  It's the time of year when our family parties move inside to the kitchen and dining room from the patio and barbecue of summertime.  So, I take a little more time to decorate the house.

Signage is so popular now whether it is a phrase, a word or more.  One of the most popular words this year is "gather", so I thought it would be a great word to etch on slate.  I love the rustic look of slate and it's easy to etch.  Previously, I have cut stencils and etched inside the stencil.  This time, I'll show you how to etch the background, leaving the letters un-etched.  To do this, I'm using two of my favorite etchall® products:  etchall® dip 'n etch and etchall® resist gel.
etchall dip n etch all sizesRESIST-silo

Here's the slate sign I started with:

I traced the sign on a piece of scratch paper and wrote out the word to figure out the placement of the letters.  Then, I went over the letters with the resist gel.  I took a toothpick and went through the gel to spread it and added more where I wanted the letters thicker.  Then, I let it dry.

 Here's the sign with the dried resist gel.  Now, I'll put the sign in a bath of etchall® dip 'n etch.

To set up, I found a shallow plastic lid that fit my sign.

I poured the etchall® dip 'n etch over the sign to cover and waited for 15 minutes.

After etching, I pulled the sign from the etchall® dip 'n etch and rinsed under running water.  I let it dry and pulled the resist off the slate.  I poured the etching liquid back into the jar to use again later.

Here it is after etching:

I added a wire hanger.
"Gather" Etched Slate Sign
Quick and easy, right?  This rustic sign will be great in my kitchen or even hanging outside in the entryway.  Tie or wire on a few fall leaves or sprigs of evergreen for an added flair.
"Gather" Etched Slate Sign

Disclaimer:  I am on the Design Team for etchall and receive their products to use in my designs.  I have enjoyed using their products and highly recommend them.

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Pretty Palettes October Reveal

Hi Everyone!

This month the inspiration for the Pretty Palettes challenge is a campfire with glowing oranges, black and gray embers with shades of brown and tan.

Here's the inspiration photo from Molly Schaller - a harvest party where they drank fresh cider and fried donuts over the fire!  Sounds wonderful!

And, here's the palette:

Here are the beads I chose from Michaels:
Beads from Michaels
I don't know if I'll use all of them in this set, but there were a couple of strands that were so interesting, I just had to bring them home - those black lava sticks, for instance.  They look so versatile; there are at least three different ways I want to use them.

This is the necklace I designed.  I used the black lava sticks, the fire agate rounds, some brown shell rondelles from a previous Pretty Palettes challenge and some 16-gauge copper wiggles that I hammered.  It's strung on necklace memory wire.  To cover the ends, I painted the silver with some Antique Copper patina.
Tribal Fire Choker

Now, for some earrings and a bracelet.
For the bracelet, I wrapped the black lava stick with copper wire to create a toggle.  The bracelet is strung on black waxed cord.

For the earrings, I wrapped the waxed cord around a lava stick and a jump ring.

I didn't use the white shell discs in this set, but I did use them in my Harvest Moon Earrings in my previous post.

See all the other designs in the Pretty Palettes Reveal.

Saturday, October 21, 2017

Harvest Moon Earrings

Hello!  Thanks for stopping by!

Today I'm participating in the Earrings Everyday monthly challenge.  The inspiration this month is the harvest moon.  I love moon watching.  My husband and I usually head out to our ranch to watch the harvest moon come up as the sun sets into the ocean.  We didn't make it out this year, but we have many special memories.

Here's what I cam up with for the harvest moon challenge.  I had some shell discs that I thought would be perfect.  I wanted to show the moon through the branches of a tree.  I tried wire, but that wasn't looking quite right.  Then, I discovered some copper branch components in the drawer.  Those and a little chain to tie it together did the trick.  The branch can swing across the moon as it would in the wind and the chain can go over or in back of the moon.

Harvest Moon Earrings

I ended up taking a lot of shots of these earrings to try and show the features of the shell discs.  I like to try different backgrounds, too.  The above was on a rusty pot.  It usually takes about ten shots to get a good one for me!
On paper bag collage

On plane tree bark
I think I like the tree bark the best.  It shows the gold and black in the chain and one moon is showing the shell surface well.

And, here's one with the earrings on a piece of cardstock.
Thanks for the inspiration, Erin!  Go here to see all the other designs.  Happy Harvest everyone!

Friday, October 20, 2017

Etched Mini Pumpkins


Today I'm working with etchall® dip 'n etch to create some etched mini pumpkins.  I am a member of the Etchall Design Ambassadors and receive product as part of that team.  It's one of my favorite products from etchall®, because it is so easy to use.

I saw these cute little glass vases at Michaels.  Their small size and variety of shapes intrigued me and I though I could turn them into pumpkins.

Glass vases
First, I washed and dried the vases and set up my work station.  I have a plastic container, etchall® dip 'n etch, a timer and a vase.
I filled the vase with water to keep it from floating in the etching liquid and poured the etchall® dip 'n etch around it.
I set the timer for 15 minutes.  You can see that my etchall® dip 'n etch is turning brown.  No problem, it still works fine.  Some of my vases were a little taller than this container, so I put them in plastic cups.  After the etching was finished, I poured the remaining etchall® dip 'n etch back into the container to use again.
 Here are the vases after they have been etched.
To color them, I used an Orange Zest stamp pad from StazOn by Tsukineko.  I really like the warm glow that this ink created.  Then, I wrapped the necks of the vases with some twine.
I wanted to add a little more embellishment so I wrapped over the twine with some wire and added some beads and copper leaves.  The copper sheet is embossed with the end of a paintbrush and a little green patina is added in the veins. I hand cut these with a pair of scissors, but you could die cut them, too.

I like to decorate with pumpkins for fall and harvest, but I also wanted to see how they would look with a jack-o-lantern face.  To make the face, I cut small pieces of black chalkboard labels and adhered it to one side of the pumpkin.  These faces can easily be removed.  On one pumpkin, I added some white paint pen and black pen to create the eyes.

Here are my finished pumpkins.  It's fun to create the different faces; each one has it's own personality!  I hope you'll try etching your own mini pumpkins with etchall® dip 'n etch.  It's so quick and easy to use!  I can't wait to try something for the upcoming holidays.
Etched Mini Pumpkins (or, Jack-o-Lanterns)
Happy Creating with etchall®!